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What Should i Know Before Financing a Car?

Before financing a car it is essential you understand the financial aspect of your potential purchase and from this you must see that your monthly payment offer is not only affordable but also the best possible deal for you. Buying your vehicle of choice is quite possibly the second biggest purchase you will make, following your home. So, it is not one to be taken lightly. Whilst paying for a vehicle with cash maybe ideal, for most it is not possible. Most people turn to finance to purchase ...

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What Credit Score is Needed to Buy a Car UK?

The Credit score you will need to buy a Car can vary depending on which lender is being approached for finance. So, it will not be a set number. Different lenders have different due-diligence processes; so, the score needed to buy a car from each lender will differ. Different lenders may also use different credit scoring criteria that may impact their decision. For this reason, we believe it is a reasonable option for most clients to apply for finance with a brokerage such as ourselves ...

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Is it worth getting a Car on Finance?

Getting a car on finance is a big decision to make. After all; it is likely to be your second most expensive purchase. With most new vehicle purchases in the UK currently funded on finance; you are left wondering is Car Finance worth it? It is something you are likely considering because you are here reading this; so let’s jump in - Is it worth getting a Car on Finance? The answer is both Yes and No; depending on your financial situation. Not only with what savings you have but also; yo...

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Car Finance Deals Celebrates its 2nd Birthday and £3 Million Financed Transactions

London, 1st July 2020 Vehicle finance broker Car Finance Deals are today celebrating on two counts. The brokerage based on Birchwood Park in Warrington is enjoying its second Birthday. Car Finance Deals are also enjoying the beginning of which it believes will be fast scalable growth after reaching a milestone of financing over £3 million worth of vehicle transactions. Business partners Stephen Staley and Vincent Hilditch set the business up with extremely limited funds in 2018; and have gr...

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Car Finance Deals Announces Collaboration with Marsh Finance

Manchester, 18th June 2020 - – the UK’s Most Loved Car Finance Broker has partnered with leading privately owned lender Marsh finance. The rapidly expanding Car Finance brokerage is focusing on building solutions for all its clients; with the addition of Marsh on the lending panel now even a greater percentage of customers can access the best possible Car Finance Deals. Stephen Staley, Director of Car Finance Deals, commented: “We have been communicating with Ma...

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Can I Apply for Car finance with Bad Credit?

You have decided you would like a new car, yet you know that your credit is not the best. You could have been unlucky; you could have just missed a few payments in error; whatever the reason; you are playing at a disadvantage when it comes to finance. But do not worry; all is not lost. You can still get car finance with bad credit. Can I Apply for Car finance with Bad Credit? The answer is YES. Despite having bad credit, you can apply for Car Finance Online. You would apply by entering your d...

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Can i apply for Car Finance online?

You have made the decision to buy a new car. You have also decided that you would rather finance the vehicle rather than spending your hard-earned money on buying the vehicle out right. Or maybe you do not have the funds to do so. Either way, you are left wondering Can I apply for Car Finance Online? The answer in brief, is simply YES. Yes, you can apply for Car Finance Online. You can do this quickly and easily by filling in your details using our Car Finance application form. It will take y...

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Car Finance: Do I need a good credit history?

We are asked this question so often we have decided to write an article on it. Customers want to know is it hard to get accepted for car finance; and if they have a poor credit score can they still be accepted for a car loan. Bad Credit Car Finance – does it exist? Is finance out of reach for me? In general, you don’t need a good credit history to be offered car finance. Your credit history will determine what offer you are given. Experian have recently advised that nearly 20% of the...

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Cheap Car Finance Deals No Deposit

We are often asked from our customers; "can you get us a cheap car finance deal with no deposit" in short the answer is; give us a try and apply. When looking for a Cheap Car Finance Deal with no deposit - it is important to understand; Yes - it is possible that it can be achieved; but no matter which company you apply with; ultimately the best deals will be given to the customers who have the best credit score. I have already wrote about how to improve your credit score in a previous arti...

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How to improve your credit score: Bust myths & improve your rating

I am going to cut to the chase as fast as i can with this article and offer advice on how to improve your score and bust myths so you can completely focus on getting a better rating. But first, just to cover all bases i will explain what a credit score is and where to check your current score. Improving your credit score (also known as a credit rating) is important because it will affect your ability to borrow money or access products such as loans. Furthermore; the better your credit score, ...

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Win a Mystery Prize! New month New GiveAway: Pick a Car

Its the start of a new month so lets kick it off with a Mystery prize GiveAway! All you have to do to enter is pick a car from the selection in the picture. One of these cars has the Mystery Prize inside. If you select the correct letter, you will be shortlisted into winning this months prize! For a Greater chance of winning; enter four times to get four entrants! Yes; there are 4 ways you can enter this competition! So get 4 chances of winning when doing all of the below: Entry Method #1 ...

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Buying a Car through Personal Contract Purchase: PCP Explained

PCP is a common method of finance for consumers wishing to change their vehicle between 2 and 4 years. PCP offers flexibility and low monthly instalments; although these don’t cover the full cost of the car. What is Personal Contract Purchase? PCP is in its rawest terms; is a loan to help you get your new vehicle. But unlike a personal loan, you won’t pay off the full value of the car and you will not own it at the end of the deal - unless you decide to. PCP is one of the more c...

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Buying a Car through Hire Purchase: HP Explained

Hire purchase is an easy finance option to understand. It is the most common method to finance a vehicle here at Car Finance Deals. What is Hire Purchase? Hire purchase (HP) is an arrangement where you hire the car or vehicle from a finance lender until you have paid for it in full. You would repay the lender a set amount each month and when the final payment is made; it’s yours to keep. No deposit is necessary however obviously;  any deposit will lower the monthly payments. How do...

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GiveAway Bonanza - Lot of Toys Games - Free Stuff Competition Prizes!

This month we have a bunch of Toys and Games to giveaway - all for one lucky winner!So How do you enter? All you need to do is leave a comment below telling us why you should win! Entry Method #1 The Giveaway Landing Page: (On this page) - Your entry will be confirmed by simply commenting in the comments box below. For a Greater chance of winning; there are 3 ways you can enter this competition! So get 3 extra chances of winning for doing all of the below: Entry Method #2 On Faceb...

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Car Finance Deals announces collaboration with Anytime Fitness

Manchester, 4th February, 2019 - - the UK's Most Loved Car Finance Broker has announced an agreement with Anytime Fitness. The rapidly expanding Car Finance brokerage is providing a member exclusive offer for all of its gym customers.  If any purchase a new vehicle via Car Finance Deals; they will receive £200 when the vehicle loan is paid out. There is also an offer for customer referrals also where this £200 can be split between gym member and the new customer. So; If yo...

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A New Vehicle and £100 Cash - Refer a friend from Car Finance Deals

Refer a friend and get £100 Cashback in the process; whats not to like!! Introduce a friend or family member who would like to get a vehicle on finance; and the vehicle loan is paid out, we will pay £100 for your referral. How it Works: Call us on 0161 850 3729 The customer you introduce would need to speak to us advising whom the introducer is. Alternatively you could call with the customer you are introducing present. At this point we would run through the application. Once app...

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Mystery Gift GiveAway! Competition. Free to Enter!

It's a New Year (Happy New Year!) and we are desperate to celebrate so we've chosen to do it in a way only we know; We are giving away a Mystery Gift!How do you enter you ask? All you need to do is leave a comment below telling us why you should win!For a Greater chance of winning; there are 4 ways you can enter this competition! So get 4 chances of winning for doing all of the below: Entry Method #1 The Giveaway Landing Page: (On this page)- Your entry will be confirmed by simply comment...

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Welcome to our Blog: More than just Car Finance

Welcome to our blog here at and our very first post! So thought it would be an ideal opportunity to tell you a little about ourselves... We do our very best to make sure your experience buying a car is not only as easy as possible but as enjoyable as possible! We do everything we can to get you the best possible car finance package on the market that suits your needs and budget. With over 14 years experience in the Motor Trade; we have bui...

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